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Pandora Game

Thinking outside the box to create amazing games

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About Pandora Game Studio

For 10+ years entertaining digital gamers worldwide

We specialize in developing mobile mid-core, casual and hyper-casual games for iOS and Android.

Our team consists of 11 amazing talents committed to creating engaging gaming experiences from noob to pro players.

Our HC Games

Our Hypercasual Games

Experience Bushido Saga

If you enjoy action-packed mobile games that will challenge your wits and dexterity, you'll love Bushido Saga, a mid-core game that tells the prequel to legend of the forty seven ronin in feudal Japan.

Play with the loyal samurai Oishi Kuranosuke as he unravels a deadly conspiracy against his daimyo.

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Midcore games

Meet our Leaders


Eduardo Pereira

Co-Founder and 
Head of Studio

Raphaela Serrador_-13menor_edited.jpg

Raphaela Serrador

Co-Founder and 

Executive Producer


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